Support Groups

A critical part of the healing process

As soon as you enter the room you realize that you really are not alone.

You are among your peers – people who are also living with brain injury. They too, are looking for community and support. In this group everyone can be open about his or her own struggles, help one another, and accept help in return.

The professionals who facilitate support groups are usually well acquainted with brain injury. Their role is to provide a safe haven – where everyone is heard, shown respect, and confidentiality is maintained.

For me, participating in support groups has deepened my ties to other survivors. I can put even my most difficult issues on the table and discover that many of them have experienced the same things. They offer me guidance and advice, as I do for them. Helping others also strengthens my own sense of self-worth – a critical part of the healing process.

There are all kinds of support groups out there – so find one that feels right. You may be surprised at how much it helps. For a list of support groups for survivors and caregivers in the New York area, email