Ready to Advocate for Brain Injury?

Every 9 seconds someone in the United States
sustains a brain injury

If you start adding up all those seconds, by the time you reach a year – any year, every year – more than 3.5 million adults and children in this country will have been injured – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Think of it this way: In the time it took you to read that last sentence someone was rushed to the ER, hospitalized, or died because of a brain injury. And too few people have a clue it’s happening or even what it really means.

Each of us can make a difference.

We all need to spread the word about the impact and cost of brain injury. Join the CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT BRAIN INJURY campaign (#ChangeYourMind) and participate in local activities such as:

– Meet with your elected officials about issues affecting people with brain injuries
– Talk to neighbors and friends, speak up at community meetings
– Educate the educators (and coaches, and parents) about sports concussions
– Set up a table at your library, place of worship, or a school to raise awareness.
– Download the Campaign toolkit, excerpts, fact sheets more from BIAA and the Centers for Disease Control

Make it personal. Your story will help others understand.
Use social media
. The best way to be seen and heard.

Are you a New Yorker? Join the Brain Injury Association of New York State for
Advocacy Day in Albany on March 26th
Stakeholders from across the state come together to meet with our State Senators and Assembly Members about key issues and pending legislation affecting us all. Learn more online at BIANYS.ORG.

Last but not least – if you or a loved one has sustained
a coma, brain injury, or concussion, call toll free:

The National Brain Injury Information Center (NBIIC)

for confidential information, resources and support

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