[Not Just] NYC Resources By and For Us: Brain Injury during Covid-19

Let’s make a deal. I share this with you, and you share that with me.

THIS is the problem: Every website seems to have a huge banner at the top: “SEE OUR COVID-19 RESOURCES.” I mean how many lists do you need? It’s just too much for my injured brain to take in. What I really needed was a single, go-to list that’s made by and for people with brain injuries. So, I got to work.

The result is the Resource Guide for Brain Injury Survivors during Covid-19.

Everything here has been handpicked to target what we are most likely to be looking for including brain injury, aphasia and caregiver resources, food, mental health & wellness, domestic violence, and, of course, support groups. There are city, state, and national resources, but I know my hometown best, so the list is local-ish. And that’s where you come in.

THAT would be your contribution. I want to help readers wherever they live, but certainly can’t do it myself. Do you know someone who has already made a list of resources in their region? or have you? If so, please email it to me at tbitolife@gmail.com so I can check it out. It should be clear, direct, and limited to basic services and supports in your area. Everything free, open to the community, and available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you!


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[Not Just] NYC Resources by and for us: Brain Injury during Covid