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Laurie Rippon, author of TBI to LIFE 2016 LR headshot square color

My journey from a devastating loss of self, to hope, and a fulfilling life, informs my empathy as a mentor, leader, Peer Counselor, and BIANYS Board Member. It’s an odd mix of ‘me,’ not me,’ and ‘not yet the me I’m becoming.’ We all hold possibility within us, no matter how shattered our injuries. The qualities that gave us strength pre-injury are still part of who we are, and drive our potential as we make the transition from TBI to LIFE.

I currently volunteer at the Rusk Brain Injury Day Treatment Program (NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City), am on the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of New York State, and the Regional Representative for Long Island and New York City (where I live). Prior to my injury I had a long career in book publishing – as a designer, Creative Director, marketing and sales, production, a “sometimes editor”, and a publisher of illustrated books. But in all those years I never saw myself as a writer. It took a brain injury to push me forward – searching for something positive about the changes in my life. It was a leap of faith to start this blog. And TBI to LIFE has shown me what is possible despite my deficits. I now can add “writer” to my list of accomplishments. It is something I love doing, and am proud to have the guts to press “publish” each time I do.

So thank you, my readers, for having made this possible. Your comments are invaluable both for the intelligence and thoughtfulness you bring to the discussion, for what they teach me, but also because of the self-confidence I gain from them. If I can touch you, or start a cascade of opinions and ideas, it means I have communicated what is on my mind. Maybe I really am a writer. That is a very precious thing to have gained.

“I don’t consider myself a victim, consumer, or even survivor. I am an active learner, thinker, and doer, who just happens to have a brain injury.”

2 thoughts on “from the author

  1. Madelaine December 16, 2016 / 3:13 pm

    YOu know that I love the last line – ‘I don’t consider myself a victim, consumer, or even surivor. I am an active learner, thinker and do-er who just happens to have a brain injury’ – I am going to quote you on that one.


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