(still) Relatively Unscathed


You’d think
by now

I would have figured it out.

Not there (yet)

Where answers once sprung fully formed

are now only questions
staggering frustrations.

How (am I?)

Before (why do I keep saying that?)
I had it figured out, or thought I did.
Years and years of building
self, synapses
sparking, firing
unconsciously (instinctively)
pulling life out of thin air
thick with so much swirling around in it.

In the moment (it all changed)

Shockingly clear blue pure tranquil
squealing brakes, time slowed down.
In that moment a realization (not fear)
that life had been all I could have ever wanted
so whatever remained (even if nothing)
was not tragic.

Yet (still)
I am


(now what?)


– Laurie



Marble Head from the figure of a woman: Early Cycladic II, 2700-2500 B.C.;
Marble Female Figure, Attributed to the Bastis Master. Early Cycladic II, 2600–2400 B.C.:

From the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY