What do I do?? Lots of stuff, like… uhh…

It’s a hard question because, well, most of my time is spent fixing what’s wrong, figuring out how to do what I need, making lists, shuffling through papers to find my lists, and trying to make up for lost time because I got distracted.

Oh, right. I also have doctors appointments, PT, my “cognitive aide” who helps me rein in my wandering executive functions, and that’s just the start. Visiting my mom twice a week, writing and re-writing, answering questions and trying to get answers, and – what I almost forgot (and often forget to do) – shopping for food, washing my hair, and occasionally seeing friends..

None of this sounds particularly productive or interesting, but it sure takes a lot of time. The highlights of a week in my life:

TOASTER: Broke. Spent days online & in stores picking a new one. 

blind broken      window-335607_960_720

WINDOW SHADE: Broke. I never got it fixed so the sun wakes me at the crack of dawn 

COMPUTER: Screwy and slow as molasses.
Two hours with 
AppleCare & still not right.prefs double imageIMG_1116-2



UH OH: One of my alarms if going off.. what am I supposed to be doing? 

Is it my phone, clock, tablet? And even more to the point… 

 alarm devices horiz