Need a Packing List? Try this one.


When I was preparing to go to Mexico City recently, I realized that the thing that made me most anxious about traveling was deciding what to pack. So I decided to make a checklist, one I could use as a format for future trips. Even though I have to modify it each time, it’s a really useful tool for me, and might be for you, too.  Some items you pack will be quite different from mine, but most will be the same – like shoes, socks, toothpaste, and your phone.

Download the packing checklist here, to use as a template to help you cover all the bases.

The bullet points (at the top of the list) help determine what to pack: how many days and nights away, the weather forecast, kind of activities planned, and important items used daily (sometimes, the ones you’re most likely to forget).

If you want more help, have a look at Packing is a Real Trip with a Brain Injury. It is a step-by-step guide: what to take, how to make your own checklist, pull it all together, pack your bags, and all out the door.

Bon Voyage!





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