Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t keep saying I am so strong.
Don’t tell me how far I’ve come.
There is so far I have yet to travel.
To be honest with you, I am not the role model you imagine.

I can act cocksure, talk up a storm
As if I have the answers at my fingertips.
But that is just my way.
Don’t let it fool you.
I know facts, theory, skills. Teaching is an option.

But first I need patience to listen,
courage to hear, and of course self-awareness
to keep my ego at bay.
​So don’t look for inspiration in my heart, my journey.

It is no more inspiring than you​r path has been​.​
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child,
Despite having a mother,
being a mother,
and having been held up by gentle hands.

I can’t hold up anyone, anymore.